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  • New version of hbc/lml. Lennart Augustsson announced a new version of hbc/lml.The Haskell B. compiler (hbc) has been upgraded to Haskell 1.1.

  • Changes to the Haskell report. A list of changes to be made to the Haskell report.

  • Gofer version 2.21. Mark Jones announced Gofer version 2.21. Including experimental support for c*p and p+k patterns

  • Functional programming tool by UK NIFTP. Will Partain announced a list of the functional programming tools avail by UK NIFTP.

  • Yale Haskell Y1.2 Now Available. The announcement the Beta Release of Yale Haskell Y1.2

  • Gofer it!. Mark Jones announced the public availability of Gofer.

  • GHC Beta Release. Philip Wadler announced the beta release of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler.