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  • Yale Haskell Y2.0.7. John Peterson announced Yale Haskell Y2.0.7

  • Glasgow Haskell 0.19 released. Simon L Peyton Jones announced Glasgow Haskell 0.19, "What a great system!"

  • Polymorphic recursion. Simon L Peyton Jones proposes polymorphic recursion for the next Haskell standard.

  • Glasgow Haskell "hacker's release" available (v 0.18). Will Partain announced the Glasgow Haskell "hacker's release" (v 0.18)

  • Obfuscated Haskell Contest. Lennart Augustsson announced the [Bottomth] Obfuscated Haskell Contest.

  • Happy version 0.7. Simon Marlow announced Happy version 0.7, the first public release.

  • Yale Haskell 2.0.6 - New Macintosh Release. John Peterson announced the Yale Haskell 2.0.6 - New Macintosh Release

  • Bristol Haskell System, BRISK 0.0. The announcement of the Bristol Haskell System, BRISK 0.0

  • Defining Haskell 1.3. Brian Boutel announced that committee volunteers were wanted for the definition of Haskell 1.3

  • Glasgow Haskell, v 0.16+. Will Partain announced that GHC 0.16+ was "slightly available" for DECstations, HP workstations.

  • pH: a parallel Haskell. Arvind announced the beginning of pH: a parallel Haskell

  • Glasgow Haskell 0.17. Will Partain announced Glasgow Haskell 0.17.

  • Ratatosk version 0.1. Torben Mogensen announced Ratatosk version 0.1, a parser generator and scanner generator for Gofer

  • Yale Haskell 2.0.5. The Yale Haskell people announced Yale Haskell 2.0.5. Yale Haskell can be built from sources using CMU Common Lisp, Lucid Common Lisp, Allegro Common Lisp, or Harlequin LispWorks.

  • Haskell for Linux. Brian Moe asked about the availability of a Haskell compiler for Linux

  • Haskell Status Report. Simon L Peyton Jones announced a Haskell implementation status summary.

  • MacGofer 0.16. Kevin Hammond announced MacGofer 0.16.

  • Glasgow Haskell 0.10. Will Partain announced Glasgow Haskell 0.10. Available for Sun3s and porting,

  • HBC Haskell compiler - 0.999.1. Lennart Augustsson announced the HBC Haskell compiler - 0.999.1