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1 Synopsis

A fork of the OpenGL package.

Modifications to OpenGL IO using the -XGeneralizedNewtypeDeriving extension create context sensitive MonadIO aliases.

2 Motivation

  • Simplify concurrent OpenGL applications by explicitly tagging OpenGL code/contexts.
  • Enforce static type checking on commands that can only be executed in certain OpenGL contexts (sending vertex data in immediate-mode for example).

3 Documentation

4 Related Software

5 Caveats

  • Graphics.Rendering.OGL.GLU.* is untested.

6 Changes from the official hOpenGL package

6.1 OGL 0.0.0

 - OGL.Monad module added.
 - getIO, ($$=) in OGL.GL.StateVar for compatibility.  
 - mapBuffer, unmapBuffer exposed by OGL.GL.BufferObjects