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== News ==
== News ==
; 2013-03-16
: Published [ the list of attendees]
; 2013-02-05
; 2013-02-05
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You can also find a hotel yourself at the usual booking sites (e.g. [], []).
You can also find a hotel yourself at the usual booking sites (e.g. [], []).
== Attendees ==
See the [ list of attendees]
== Projects ==
== Projects ==

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When: Friday, May 3rd – Sunday, May 5th, 2013
Hours: 9am ~ 8pm
Where: Odessa, Ukraine



1 About

The Haskell Hackathon is an international, grassroots collaborative coding festival with a simple focus: build and improve Haskell libraries, tools, and infrastructure.

This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow haskellers in real life, find new contributors for your project, improve existing libraries and tools or even start new ones!

2 Sponsors


Provectus IT will host the Hackathon.

3 News

Published the list of attendees
Registration is now open!

4 Registration

To register please fill the form

5 Location

Odessa, Ukraine

To learn more about the city, please see the Wikipedia and Wikitravel articles.

5.1 Visa information

Citizens of most European countries do not need a visa to stay in Ukraine for less than 90 days. Check here if in doubt.

Also note that a visa is typically required for work-related visits. Since you may have a hard time explaining to officials that you've come to write software for free, you'd rather not mention this fact.

5.2 Getting there

Odessa International Airport (ODS) has daily direct connections from and to Kyiv, Vienna, Istanbul, Warsaw, Prague and Moscow.

Through these it is connected to the most of Europe with just one stop.

5.3 Venue

The hackathon will be hosted on Provectus IT's premises.

The address is 2/4 Observatorny Lane, Odessa, Ukraine.

This Google map has the venue as well as other useful places.

5.4 Accommodation

Check out our accommodation program.

You can also find a hotel yourself at the usual booking sites (e.g.,

6 Attendees

See the list of attendees

7 Projects

See the projects page.

8 Organizers

Roman Cheplyaka

For any questions or emergencies, you can always call Roman at +380-66-228-57-80 or send an email to