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Public transport

The main types of public transport in Odessa are trams, trolleybuses and minibuses ("marshrutka").

It is not common for drivers to speak English. So, unless you speak Russian or feel adventurous, avoid public transport. Once you're in the city center, virtually everything you need (lodging, cafes and restaurants, places of interest, and the hackathon venue) is within walking distance.


Be careful when you wait for the luggage. It doesn't come on a classical baggage carousel. Instead you have to wait on the STREET in front of the airport for the airport truck.

As soon as you exit the customs, there will be lots of taxi drivers asking you if you need a taxi. Their prices are VERY high and they basically rip tourists off, so do not agree. The normal ride to the city center should not cost more than 60 UAH. It's better to call one of the taxis under the phones below.

There is also minibus 117 which goes to the city center. But see the warning above regarding public transport.

Taxi Service

Below are the phone numbers of some of the taxi services in Odessa. If possible, ask someone who speaks Russian to order a taxi. You can also call or text Roman if you need assistance.

+380 48 7 007 007
+380 63 735 40 85
+380 66 976 32 22


You can exchange USD and EUR for UAH in many currency exchange points around the city. There are also plenty of ATMs.

However, you won't be able to pay with a card everywhere (many places do not have terminals — for example, taxis most probably don't), so you're advised to have cash with you.