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Please feel free to propose your project here!



Cabal is a system for building and packaging Haskell libraries and programs. It defines a common interface for package authors and distributors to easily build their applications in a portable way.


Johan Tibell (via IRC)


Bug-closing fixit, where people try to reproduce bugs on the GitHub issue tracker and report those that cannot be reproduced as such. This would be very useful as the number of open issues has gotten a bit out-of-control, making the issue tracker less useful.

This is a good opportunity for the less experienced Haskell folks to get acquainted with the Haskell infrastructure and possibly even dig into the Cabal internals.



HasFix is an API upgrade tool for Haskell.


Roman Cheplyaka


  • Create a good user interface. This includes creating a convenient program where a user describes the API changes, and a human-editable format (perhaps YAML-based?) to represent these changes on disk.
  • Implement some simple types of API changes



Hakyll is a Haskell library for generating static sites, mostly aimed at small-to-medium sites and personal blogs. It is written in a very configurable way and uses an xmonad-like DSL for configuration.


Jasper Van der Jeugt


Hakyll should be a very accessible project, even for Haskell beginners. I have quite a few ideas for improvements, and I welcome ideas from other people as well!

  • Implement an OrgMode parser for Pandoc
  • Close some Issues
  • Allow customizations to the preview server
  • ...



That JavaScript compiler for Haskell that you probably heard of as being awesome and pretty. You heard right.


Chris Done


Goes without saying: See the issues marked 'odhac': https://github.com/faylang/fay/issues?labels=odhac&milestone=2&page=1&state=open There's a fine selection of easy to medium to hard issues to close.

Other stuff that needs doing:

  • Libraries binding to cool JavaScript libraries: Example, a PhoneGap binding: https://github.com/faylang/fay/issues/111
  • The jQuery binding is god-awful and needs doing properly, preferably from scratch and preferably generated.
  • Test cases, test cases, test cases.
  • More benchmarks are always good.

That's the easy stuff. Harder stuff, probably the stuff I'll be doing:

  • Patching and testing the various haskell-suite libraries, esp. the type checker.
  • Add a generic serializer for the Automatic thing in the FFI.
  • Finish the monad optimization of a >> b >>= \c -> d to _(a); _(b); var c = _(d); etc.

It would be nice to possibly port the AST to the haskell-suite's desugard AST and implement type-classes, but I'll have to evaluate that.

Possibly the biggest point of all:

Write some web apps with Fay. Consider this part of the ‘Getting Shit Done’ mantra. No point in writing any of these tools if we don't use them to make cool stuff.