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This is a stub page for Haskell's OpenGL and GLUT bindings. It is meant as a starting point to replace the outdated and misleading documentation at the old page (which should have disappeared by now, so that url will no longer lead anywhere, but you might still meet it on the web).

First, note that the implementation is far more up-to-date than that old page suggested (originally, it was quite useful, but the page hasn't kept up with the implementation for a long time now). To find more recent information, try:

the hopengl mailing list

the API docs for the OpenGL binding

the API docs for the GLUT binding

the darcs repo with the sources for the OpenGL binding

the darcs repo with the sources for the GLUT binding

In particular, note that the examples/ directory in the GLUT repo contains lots of examples, including translations of the red book examples.

Both the API documentation and the examples are best studied with the original specs and the original red book examples at hand. A thumbnail index of the examples from v1.1 of the red book can be found here

Projects using the OpenGL bindings:

  • Frag, a 3D first-person shooter game