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* [[:User:cbrad|Brad Clow]]
* [[:User:cbrad|Brad Clow]]
* [[:User:nornagon|Jeremy Apthorp]]
* [[:User:nornagon|Jeremy Apthorp]]
* [[:User:AndrewA|Andrew Appleyard]]
* [[:User:AndrewA|Andrew Appleyard]] (Sydney)
* [[:User:bjpop|Bernie Pope]]
* [[:User:bjpop|Bernie Pope]]
* [[:User:benl23|Ben Lippmeier]]
* [[:User:benl23|Ben Lippmeier]]

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There is AngloHaskell and now AmeroHaskell. Doesn't that call for OzHaskell?

Who would be interested to have a Haskell event in Australia, possibly in Sydney? This is just a wild idea without any concrete date or format yet. Jot down any suggestions on this page.

Interested Haskellers:

(Add your name!)

Possible dates

Shall we try to organise something for sometime over the summer? Avoiding the summer holidays, either of the following two periods seem attractive:

  • last week of November/first week of December or
  • last week of January/first week of February.

(Add any additional periods that you would find attractive and/or comment on suitability.)


How about the following?

  • One day meeting with informal talks and demos (preferably on a Friday)
  • There could be a second, even less formal day, for those who want to hang out some more and maybe some hacking
  • Run it at the University of New South Wales, Sydney

(Add your thoughts to the above.)