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Who would be interested to have a Haskell event in Australia, possibly in Sydney? This is just a wild idea without any concrete date or format yet. Jot down any suggestions on this page.

Interested Haskellers:

(Add your name!)

Possible dates

How about one of the following between Easter and ANZAC day:

  • Friday 4/ Saturday 5 April
  • Friday 11/ Saturday 12 April
  • Friday 18/ Saturday 19 April


How about the following?

  • One day meeting with informal talks and demos (preferably on a Friday)
  • There could be a second, even less formal day, for those who want to hang out some more and maybe some hacking
  • Run it at the University of New South Wales, Sydney

(Add your thoughts to the above.)

Talks and demos

Do you have anything you'd like to talk about or a system you'd like to demo? This is just a tentative list - you commit to nothing.

Talk proposals

  • Manuel Chakravarty: Type-level Programming with Type Families
GHC recently gained support for data families and type synonym families (which are a generalisation of our earlier proposal for associated types). In this talk, I'd give an overview over this new language feature, illustrate what it is good for, and discuss why I believe it fits Haskell better than functional dependencies.
  • Bernie Pope: The GHCi debugger
A new breakpoint debugger has been added to GHCi. In this talk, I'd demonstrate how to use the debugger, and also go into some detail about how it works. I might even discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of this debugger over tools such as Hat.

Demo proposals

  • rohan drape: supercollider for haskellers
an introduction to, and demonstration of, the hsc3 haskell bindings to the supercollider3 real-time audio synthesiser; or making experimental music in experimental haskell.