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1 Tutorials

2 Papers

  • Runtime Support for Multicore Haskell”, Marlow, Peyton Jones, Singh. 2009. Describes the architecture of the sparks and parallel GC
  • “Parallel Performance Tuning for Haskell”, Jones, Marlow, Singh, 2009 Introduces ThreadScope, and methodical parallel performance advice
  • “Harnessing the Multicores: Nested Data Parallelism in Haskell”, Peyton Jones, Leshchinkskiy, Keller, Chakravarty, 2008. the Barnes-Hut algorithm in Data Parallel Haskell
  • “Haskell on a Shared-Memory Multiprocessor”, Harris, Marlow, Peyton Jones, 2005 The original SMP runtime implementation paper
  • “Beautiful Concurrency”, Peyton Jones, O’Reilly 2007 Introduction to software transactional memory
  • “Composable memory transactions“, Harris, Marlow, Peyton Jones, and Herlihy, 2005 - Introduces composable software transactional memory
  • “Algorithm + Strategy = Parallelism”, Trinder, Hammond, Loidl, Peyton Jones, 1998. Introduces parallel sparks and strategies
  • “Concurrent Haskell”, Peyton Jones, Gordon, Finne, 1996. Introduces concurrent Haskell and forkIO.
  • “Tackling the Awkward Squad”, Peyton Jones, 2001. Classic introduction to concurrency in Haskell (and IO), and how to use MVars and Channels.

3 Surveys