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* [ hackage]
* [ hackage]
* [ GHC library documentation]
* [ GHC library documentation]
* [ darcs code repository]
=== Usage ===
=== Usage ===

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1 Parsec

Parsec is an industrial strength, monadic parser combinator library for Haskell. It can parse context-sensitive, infinite look-ahead grammars but it performs best on predictive (LL[1]) grammars.

For downloads and documentation see:

1.1 Usage

Parsec lets you construct parsers by combining higher-order Combinators to create larger expressions. Combinator parsers are written and used within the same programming language as the rest of the program. The parsers are first-class citizens of the language , unlike Happy parsers, which must be generated via a preprocessor.

Much more documentation can be found on the parsec site.

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1.2 Parsec clones in other languages

Interesting non-Parsec parser combinator libraries: