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If you need support, have suggestions or patches, feel free to contact the author:
The darcs repository is at
The darcs repository is at

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The motivation for writing CalDims was to have an easy to use calculation tool that has support for units.


1 The calculator's features

  • Support for user defined basic units and derrived units
  • user defined functions
  • work sheets can be modified/saved via shell
  • (1/3)*3 == 1 (No rounding errors)
  • built-in feature to simplify units
  • easy unit-conversion

2 Planned features for future releases

  • More datatypes (boolean, string)
  • a worksheet GUI
  • Undo/Redo

3 Releases

Current release is 1.0 rc1. It fixes some bugs that are in (deprecated) 0.9


Binary for Linux x86-32:

4 Contact

The darcs repository is at