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Release of regex-tdfa

Chris Kuklewicz has just released regex-tdfa, (Tagged Deterministic Finite Automata), a new library that works with GHC 6.6. It is POSIX compliant and tested against the ATT tests.


Get it at: Version 0.56, "stable" location at

darcs get --partial

The version that will get updated and broken more often is "unstable" at

darcs get --partial

Original proposal content of this article

I just came across this article on Thompson Non-Finite Automata which presents an alternative implementation (to the one supposedly used in perl, ruby, python) which is MAAANY times faster.

Seing how badly we did in the shootout initially, wouldn't it be grand if "we" implemented this algorithm and could then outrun every other language WRT regular expressions, with a native haskell library...