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RuHaskell is a Russian-speaking community of haskellers. Started in January 2015. Activists publish Haskell-related posts in community-driven blog, arrange meetups, record podcasts, and do some other activities, mostly in Russian.



2015-06. Summer meetup

Yuriy Syrovetskiy
  1. Yuriy Syrovetskiy. Haskell for pythonista (aka Python 5).
  2. Denis Redozubov. A brief excursion into the type system, or how to avoid disintegration.
  3. Nikita Volkov: Anonymous records.
  4. Denis Shevchenko: Lazy evaluation: pros and contras.
  5. Alexander Vershilov: Cloud Haskell.
  6. Anton Kholomyov: csound-expression library: EDSL, music, FRP etc.

2015-12. Winter meetup

2016-08. Summer meetup