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06:49, 24 September 2015Learning Haskell Data Analysis cov.png (file)(thumbnail)0 BPacktPub partners 1
09:09, 8 December 2015Haskell Design Patterns.png (file)(thumbnail)0 BPacktPub partners (Take your Haskell and functional programming skills to the next level by exploring new idioms and design patterns)1
06:21, 12 August 2016Getting Started with Haskell Data Analysis.jpeg (file)(thumbnail)0 BPacktPub partners (Image added to the course discription)1
10:59, 3 October 2016HaskellHighPerformanceProgramming.png (file)(thumbnail)0 BPacktPub partners 2
21:21, 26 March 2017Bayhac2017-takt-cropped.jpg (file)(thumbnail)0 BDrb226 1
12:43, 11 June 2017Gmg logo.png (file)(thumbnail)0 BDanimad 1
07:34, 2 November 2016MHvNV.png (file)(thumbnail)144 BPpelleti (This image was originally from and is used on the home page, via the Main/News template. It seems to make sense to host this image locally, rather than using imgur.)1
21:49, 7 June 2006Test.hs (file)(thumbnail)212 BThorkilnaur (Haskell code supporting test. / Thorkil Naur)1
21:45, 7 June 2006SortByF.hs (file)(thumbnail)240 BThorkilnaur (Haskell code providing sort interface. / Thorkil Naur)1
20:43, 6 October 2009ArightrightarrowsB.gif (file)(thumbnail)268 BMichiexile 1
13:11, 3 October 2006Natural transformation.tex (file)(thumbnail)312 BEndreyMark (Source code for commutative diagram image defining natural transformation)1
18:17, 10 February 2008Himerge-remove.png (file)(thumbnail)317 BJuanfra684 1
17:15, 23 October 2009Idx stats.png (file)(thumbnail)396 BEugeneKirpichov 2
03:23, 8 March 2008Log.png (file)(thumbnail)428 BDimitryGolubovsky 1
13:35, 11 June 2006Test.lhs (file)(thumbnail)445 BEndreyMark (Testing Lucid prograaming language implementation by straightforward examples)1
23:43, 31 October 2008--Xmonad16.xpm-- (file)(thumbnail)449 BSereven 1
22:38, 4 December 2006MyPrelude.hs (file)(thumbnail)459 BStemmler (Some modified versions of "putStrLn" and "getLine" for use in Interactive.hs.)2
17:42, 30 July 2006Microsoft Research, Cambridge.kmz (file)(thumbnail)467 BPaulJohnson (This is where Microsoft Research is located in Cambridge.)1
21:43, 7 June 2006Merge.hs (file)(thumbnail)499 BThorkilnaur (Haskell code to merge. / Thorkil Naur)1
14:05, 29 March 2012Ghci 256color.tar.gz (file)(thumbnail)524 BDb81 (A working example of colorizing GHCi output using .ghci and sed for your tweaking pleasure.)1
03:23, 8 March 2008Hssrc.png (file)(thumbnail)558 BDimitryGolubovsky 1
23:16, 30 November 2010Rss16.png (file)(thumbnail)559 BNominolo 1
03:18, 8 March 2008Edit.png (file)(thumbnail)590 BDimitryGolubovsky 1
18:15, 10 February 2008Himerge-add.png (file)(thumbnail)601 BJuanfra684 1
03:22, 8 March 2008Error.png (file)(thumbnail)643 BDimitryGolubovsky 1
03:23, 8 March 2008Webpage.png (file)(thumbnail)671 BDimitryGolubovsky 1
23:30, 5 June 2008Rss.png (file)(thumbnail)725 BDonStewart 1
14:05, 11 July 2007Top.png (file)(thumbnail)777 BEndreyMark (Image of top context Made by own hands, with LaTeX and GIMP)1
13:33, 11 June 2006Lucid.lhs (file)(thumbnail)840 BEndreyMark (Mimick dataflow programming in a way as approached in Lucid language)1
15:17, 28 August 2008Cuvinte cheie si operatori-Rodin-Ro-V06-28-8-2008.txt (file)(thumbnail)939 BHa$kell ((en) keywords, syntax for RodinV06-Ro (ro) cuvinte cheie si sintaxa limbajului pseudocod Rodin, versiuneaRodinV06-Ro)1
13:00, 29 January 2010Chlor dash patterns.png (file)(thumbnail)953 BLenny222 1
10:23, 24 November 2009Linux-icon.png (file)(thumbnail)955 BScosta 2
15:39, 3 August 2013Palette for Haskell.png (file)(thumbnail)956 BChrisdone 1
08:47, 2 August 2013Reactive-banana-TicTacToe.png (file)(thumbnail)1,016 BApfelmus 2
01:01, 28 November 2007Haskellmode-jed.tgz (file)(thumbnail)1 KBJeffz (recovered archive from
12:51, 6 July 2017Dependencies.txt (file)(thumbnail)1 KBByorgey (Source code (in GraphViz DOT format) for the Typeclassopedia class dependency diagram.)1
02:50, 15 January 2006Yhc Logo.png (file)(thumbnail)1 KBNeilMitchell (A first draft at a logo for the Yhc project)1
10:17, 4 December 2009Data-accessor.patch (file)(thumbnail)1 KBGreenrd (Patch for data-accessor to build on ghc 6.12.1 rc1)1
03:59, 24 February 2007Hugs-logo.png (file)(thumbnail)1 KBDonStewart (hugs logo )1
19:30, 24 May 2006Continuation.hs (file)(thumbnail)1 KBEndreyMark (Showing examples, where the type of the argument of the discussed function and type of the argument of the continuation do not coincide: CPS-ized length)2
04:19, 19 April 2009Favicon.ico (file)(thumbnail)1 KBAshley Y (favicon.ico)1
01:09, 28 October 2006Haskell Road.jpg (file)(thumbnail)1 KBDonStewart (Cover of the Haskell Road )1
08:45, 2 August 2013Reactive-banana-Arithmetic.png (file)(thumbnail)1 KBApfelmus 3
21:17, 19 April 2006Zipper.hs (file)(thumbnail)1 KBDavidHouse (Sourcecode for the Zipper_monad.)1
13:35, 5 August 2008Quick1-win.png (file)(thumbnail)1 KBEricKow (wxHaskell quickstart)1
22:00, 7 January 2007Main.hs (file)(thumbnail)1 KBTreblacy (change mode to Interactive since that's what the file demonstrates (although GHC doesn't seem to care either way))4
01:01, 28 October 2006Haskell 98 Language and Libraries.jpg (file)(thumbnail)1 KBDonStewart (Image of cover of the h98 report hardcover )1
11:57, 25 November 2009Logo-win.png (file)(thumbnail)1 KBScosta 1
19:52, 27 April 2009Logo.svg (file)(thumbnail)1 KBDonStewart (SVG with color)1
19:52, 27 April 2009Haskell-Logo-Dons.svg (file)(thumbnail)1 KBDonStewart (SVG with color)1

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