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(text taken from synthesizer.cabal)
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== Links ==
== Links ==
* [ Hackage]
* [ Darcs repository]
* [ Darcs repository]
* [ early paper] on the concepts.
* [ early paper] on the concepts.

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1 Introduction

In the late 1990ies I (Henning Thielemann) developed a graphical audio signal synthesis and analysis application called Assampler for Amiga. However it turned out that graphical programming does not scale well. Thus some years later I started to rewrite much of its functionality in plain Haskell. There is both a low-level interface and a high-level framework for automatical inference of sample rate and use of physical units in a sound processing network. This generalizes the usual restricted splitting into audio rate and control rate signals. Routines are now also suitable for real-time processing using Storable Vector library, a Stream like data type and aggressive inlining. There is an interface for using synthesized sounds for rendering Haskore music. The library uses the Numeric Prelude library and its numerical type class hierarchy.

2 Links