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(missing House-0.8.93.tar.bz2)
(Possible alternative source: new section)

Latest revision as of 14:41, 19 July 2012

Unfortunaely URI for

is HTTP 404 now, as well as whole ~/kennyg

I wonder if you can place or share that that archive with me, if need be I can put it online and provide permanent URI location on some of my servers.

Can't find that file anywhere, only

House-0.8.tar.bz2 (md5sum = a761abe99355f84760ea35a729be5745)

Or maybe you can provide diff to this a761abe.. archive, I hope you still have the original 0.8.93 around. Would love to play with Haskell Linux kernel modules.

Thank you very much, Vassili Leonov --Vleo 12:28, 28 March 2012 (UTC)

[edit] Possible alternative source