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Thanks for this useful tutorial! I implemented the normal chat functionality using forkIO as suggested but I'm not happy with my solution. Where would you put the call to forkIO? And how would you write the function that you pass it? Is it possible to somehow use privmsg in this function or do I have to duplicate that code more or less? --Gog 19:09, 18 January 2007 (UTC)

I had the same problem. You can't really forkIO directly from inside the Reader monad, even with liftIO. I ended up with this but maybe there is a better way:

privmsgIO :: Handle -> String -> IO () privmsgIO h s =

 writeIO h "PRIVMSG" (botChan ++ " :" ++ s)

-- Send a privmsg to the current chan + server privmsg :: String -> IrcBot () privmsg s = do

 h <- asks socket
 liftIO $ privmsgIO h s

then when I need to forkIO, I do

foo = do

 h <- asks socket
 liftIO $ forkIO (privmsg h ...)

and use the IO variant of privmsg.