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Individual projects

Comparison table

I have transferred most of the table from this[1] thread here into wiki markup. It needs to be completed and inserted. I think that links to subheads in this article or links to the websites of these projects would be excellent in the first column, so I will do that as soon as we decide where we shall link.

I left out the "approach" column because I think it is best we just link to a more thorough explanation, otherwise the table will become rather messy.

System Lazy FFI Pure Haskell syntax Haskell type system Performance TCO Demos Easy Setup Compression Maintenance FRP library Client-side Libraries Threads Package support Stdio File IO Tree Shaking DOM
GHCJS good full some no poor active yes few yes cabal Hterm text only Native & JS
UHC poor full some moderate very poor active yes some no none
Haste good full ? yes decent active yes few no none
Roy ? ? ? few yes ? active no few no ?
Elm ? ? ? ? ? many yes good active yes none no ?
Fay ✓* ✓* good limited many yes strong active no some no none

--419928194516 22:50, 21 September 2012 (UTC)