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<ul><li><p><em>darcs 2.0</em>. David Roundy
<ul><li><p><em>darcs 2.0</em>. David Roundy
[http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.haskell.cafe/33159 announced] the release candidate of [[darcs]] 2.0; darcs 2.0 will be a major release of the distributed version control program which addresses long-standing conflict bugs and add improved performance.</p></li>
[http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.haskell.cafe/33159 announced] the release candidate of [[darcs]] 2.0; darcs 2.0 will be a major release of the distributed version control program which addresses long-standing conflict bugs and add improved performance.</p></li>
<li><p><em>XMonad 0.5</em>. Don Stewart & the XMonad dev team
[http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/haskell-cafe/2007-December/036110.html announced] the release of XMonad 0.5, an extensible tiling window manager; this release brings new extensions and a much easier configuration system.
<li><p><em>GHC 6.8.1</em>. Ian Lynagh
<li><p><em>GHC 6.8.1</em>. Ian Lynagh

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  • darcs 2.0. David Roundy announced the release candidate of darcs 2.0; darcs 2.0 will be a major release of the distributed version control program which addresses long-standing conflict bugs and add improved performance.

  • XMonad 0.5. Don Stewart & the XMonad dev team announced the release of XMonad 0.5, an extensible tiling window manager; this release brings new extensions and a much easier configuration system.

  • <p>GHC 6.8.1. Ian Lynagh announced the release of GHC 6.8.1, a new major release of GHC. There have been a number of significant changes since the last major release, including: Haskell Program Coverage support, the GHCi debugger, pointer tagging in the runtime (with up to 10-15% speedups), constructor specialisation, improved optimisations and much more! The full release notes are available.

  • Gtk2Hs Duncan Coutts announced version of gtk2hs is now available. gtk2hs is the standard graphics library for Haskell.

  • Lazy SmallCheck 0.1. Matthew Naylor announced Lazy SmallCheck 0.1, a library for exhaustive, demand-driven testing of Haskell programs.

  • HDBC 1.1.3. John Goerzen announced new releases of HDBC, the Haskell database connectivity kit, and its associated backends (for sqlite3, postgresql, odbc).

  • xmobar. Andrea Rossato announced the release of Xmobar-0.8, a minimalistic, text based, status bar. It was specifically designed to work with the XMonad Window Manager.

  • Flymake Haskell. Daisuke Ikegami announced flymake haskell, emacs bindings for interactive Haskell editing.

  • network bytestring. Johan Tibbel announced, strict ByteString versions of the recv/send family of functions for efficient network IO.

  • ByteString search. Bryan O'Sullivan announced a cabalised version of the fast Boyer-Moore and Knuth-Morris-Pratt string search code for ByteStrings

  • Generating free theorems. Janis Voigtlaender announced an improved version of the online and offline free theorems generator for Haskell

  • hslogger4j 0.1.1. Bjorn Buckwalter announced Hslogger4j, which provides handlers for hslogger (John Goerzen's Haskell logging framework) that are compatible with log4j's XMLLayout.

  • Infinity 0.3. Austin Seipp announced `infinity', an IRC bot in Haskell

  • hswm. Remi Turk announced the first and last release of hswm, a Haskell window manager.

  • xmobar-0.8. Uploaded by Andrea Rossato. xmobar, a minimalistic text based status bar

  • hsSqlite3-0.0.4. Uploaded by Evgeny Jukov. hsSqlite3, bindings for Sqlite3

  • cabal-rpm-0.3.2. Uploaded by Bryan OSullivan. cabal-rpm turns Haskell Cabal source packages into source and binary RPM packages.

  • selenium-0.2.2. Uploaded by Aaron Tomb. selenium, Haskell bindings to communicate with a Selenium Remote Control server. This package makes it possible to use Haskell to write test scripts that exercise web applications through a web browser.

  • HPDF-1.3. Uploaded by alpheccar. HPDF. A PDF library with support for several pages, page transitions, outlines, annotations, compression, colors, shapes, patterns, jpegs, fonts, typesetting ...

  • FileManip-0.3.1. Uploaded by Bryan OSullivan. FileManip, a Haskell library for working with files and directories. Includes code for pattern matching, finding files, modifying file contents, and more.

  • stringsearch-0.2. Uploaded by Bryan OSullivan. stringsearch, fast search of ByteStrings.

  • nano-md5-0.1. Uploaded by Don Stewart. nano-md5, ByteString bindings to OpenSSL.

  • denominate-0.4.1. Uploaded by Calvin Smith. denominate provides a main program for performing bulk file and directory renaming, using a built-in filename converter or user-defined converters.

  • ContArrow 0.0.2. Uploaded by Evgeny Jukov. ContArrow, Control.Arrow.Transformer.Cont

  • state 0.0.2. Uploaded by Evgeny Jukov. state. State.

  • infinity 0.3. Uploaded by Austin Seipp. infinity, a tiny, pluggable irc bot.

  • unix-compat Uploaded by Duncan Coutts. unix-compat, portable implementations of parts of the unix package.

  • Ranged-sets 0.1.1. Uploaded by Paul Johnson. Ranged-sets. A ranged set is an ordered list of ranges.

  • IFS 0.1.1. Uploaded by alpheccar. IFS, a library to describe IFS and generate PPM pictures from the descriptions

  • bktrees 0.1.3. Uploaded by Josef Svenningsson. bktrees. Burhard-Keller trees provide an implementation of sets which apart from the ordinary operations also has an approximate member search, allowing you to search for elements that are of a certain distance from the element you are searching for.

  • pqc 0.2. Uploaded by Don Stewart. pqc, a parallel batch driver for QuickCheck

  • strict 0.2. Uploaded by Don Stewart. strict, strict data types.

  • HsSVN 0.2. Uploaded by PHO. HsSVN, (Part of) Subversion binding for Haskell

  • HsHyperEstraier 0.2. Uploaded by PHO. HsHyperEstraier, a HyperEstraier binding for Haskell. HyperEstraier is an embeddable full text search engine which is supposed to be independent to any particular natural languages.

  • HsOpenSSL 0.3.1. Uploaded by PHO. HsOpenSSL, a (part of) OpenSSL binding for Haskell. It can generate RSA and DSA keys, read and write PEM files, generate message digests, sign and verify messages, encrypt and decrypt messages.

  • Finance-Quote-Yahoo 0.4. Uploaded by Brad Clawsie. Finance-Quote-Yahoo, obtain quote data from finance.yahoo.com

  • LRU 0.1.1. Uploaded by Adam Langley. LRU, an LRU data structure

  • base 3.0. Uploaded by Ross Paterson. base, the Prelude and its support libraries, and a large collection of useful libraries ranging from data structures to parsing combinators and debugging utilities.

  • regex-posix Uploaded by Duncan Coutts. regex-posix, posix regex support.

  • xhtml 3000.0.2.1. Uploaded by Bjorn Bringert. xhtml, combinators for producing XHTML 1.0, including the Strict, Transitional and Frameset variants.

  • Win32 Uploaded by Esa Ilari Vuokko. Win32, a binding to part of the Win32 library

  • unix Uploaded by Ross Paterson. unix, POSIX functionality

  • time Uploaded by Ross Paterson. time, time handling.

  • template-haskell Uploaded by Ross Paterson. template-haskell, support for manipulating Haskell syntax trees

  • stm Uploaded by Ross Paterson. stm, software transational memory

  • regex-compat Uploaded by Ross Paterson. regex-compat, backwards compatible regex support

  • regex-base Uploaded by Ross Paterson. regex-base, regex support.

  • readline Uploaded by Ross Paterson. readline, an interface to the GNU readline library

  • random Uploaded by Ross Paterson. random, random number generation

  • QuickCheck Uploaded by Ross Paterson. QuickCheck, automatic testing of Haskell programs

  • process Uploaded by Ross Paterson. process, jobs and processes

  • pretty Uploaded by Ross Paterson. pretty, pretty printing library.

  • parsec Uploaded by Ross Paterson. parsec, monadic parser combinators.

  • parallel Uploaded by Ross Paterson. parallel, support for parallel programming

  • packedstring Uploaded by Ross Paterson. packedstring, packed strings

  • OpenGL Uploaded by Ross Paterson. OpenGL, binding for the OpenGL graphics system

  • OpenAL Uploaded by Ross Paterson. OpenAL, binding to the OpenAL cross-platform 3D audio API.

  • old-time Uploaded by Ross Paterson. old-time, time library.

  • alex 2.2. Uploaded by Simon Marlow. alex is a tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell

  • Cabal Uploaded by Duncan Coutts. Cabal is the framework for packaging Haskell software

  • HaXml 1.19.1. Uploaded by Malcolm Wallace. HaXml, Utilities for manipulating XML documents

  • HDBC-odbc Uploaded by John Goerzen. HDBC-odbc, ODBC driver for HDBC

  • HDBC-postgresql Uploaded by John Goerzen. HDBC-postgresql is a PostgreSQL driver for HDBC

  • HDBC-sqlite3 Uploaded by John Goerzen. HDBC-sqlite3 is a Sqlite v3 driver for HDBC

  • HDBC 1.1.3. Uploaded by John Goerzen. HDBC is a Haskell Database library

  • X11 1.3.0. Uploaded by Don Stewart. X11 is a library of bindings to the X11 libraries and server

  • HsOpenSSL 0.3. Uploaded by Masatake Daimon. HsOpenSSL, (Part of) OpenSSL binding for Haskell

  • Imlib 0.1. Uploaded by Cale Gibbard. Imlib, Haskell binding for Imlib 2

  • Stream 0.2.2. Uploaded by Wouter Swierstra. Stream, a library for manipulating infinite lists.

  • sat 1.0. Uploaded by AndriiZvorygin. sat, CNF SATisfier

  • torrent 2007.10.27. Uploaded by David Himmelstrup. torrent, BitTorrent file parser

  • bencode 0.2. Uploaded by David Himmelstrup. bencode, Parser and printer for bencoded data.

  • SDL 0.5.1. Uploaded by David Himmelstrup. SDL, binding to libSDL

  • NGrams 1.0. Uploaded by Justin Bailey. ngrams, Simple application for calculating n-grams using Google

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