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hack-contrib 2009.4.52.2
Hack contrib
tabloid 0.47
View the output of shell commands in a table
elerea 0.4.0
A minimalistic FRP library
graphviz 2009.5.1
GraphViz wrapper for Haskell.
data-reify 0.2
Reify a recursive data structure into an explicit graph.
combinat 0.2.1
Generation of various combinatorial objects.
MazesOfMonad 1.0.2
Console-based Role Playing Game
crc16 0.1.0
Calculate the crc16-ccitt.
Takusen 0.8.4
Database library with left-fold interface, for PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, ODBC.
Execute a set of actions (e.g. parsers) in each possible order
urlencoded 0.1
Generate or process x-www-urlencoded data
CheatSheet 1.10
A Haskell cheat sheet in PDF and literate formats.
bamboo 2009.4.52
A simple blog middleware on hack
hack-handler-happstack 2009.4.52
Hack Happstack server handler
hack 2009.4.52
a sexy Haskell Webserver Interface
sexpr 0.2.1
S-expression printer and parser