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dependently typed core language
A unit testing framework for Haskell
A raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system
bencode 0.4
Parser and printer for bencoded data.
bindings-sqlite3 1.0
Low level bindings to sqlite3.
Communicate with USB devices
Vec-Boolean 1.0.0
Provides Boolean instances for the Vec package
DAG-Tournament 0.1
Real-Time Game Tournament Evaluator
bindings-libcddb 0.2
Low level binding to libcddb.
bindings-libffi 0.2
Low level bindings to libffi.
vacuum-opengl 0.0.1
Visualize live Haskell data structures using vacuum, graphviz and OpenGL.
combinat 0.2.4
Generation of various combinatorial objects.
stb-truetype 0.1.2
A wrapper around Sean Barrett's TrueType rasterizer library.
KiCS 0.8.7
A compiler from Curry to Haskell
curry-frontend 0.2.5
Compile the functional logic language Curry to several intermediate formats
XML property list parser
curry-base 0.2.5
Functions for manipulating Curry programs
safe-freeze 0.0
Support for safely freezing multiple arrays in the ST monad.