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control-monad-failure 0.4
A class for monads which can fail with an error.
Linear algebra and numerical computations
attempt 0.0.2
Error handling using extensible exceptions outside the IO monad.
PTQ 0.0.5
An implementation of Montague's PTQ.
Bitly 0.0.1
A library and a command line tool to access bit.ly URL shortener.
primitive 0.1
Wrappers for primitive operations
bert 1.1
BERT implementation
hubris 0.0.1
Support library for Hubris, the Ruby <=> Haskell bridge
joinlist 0.2.0
Join list - symmetric list type
darcswatch 0.3
Track application of Darcs patches
hssqlppp 0.0.9
Sql parser and type checker
Minesweeper game which is always solvable without guessing
hesql 0.4
Haskell's embedded SQL
matsuri 0.0.3
ncurses XMPP client
XMPP 0.1.1
XMPP library
Low level bindings to GNU GSL.
GeBoP 1.7.1
Several games
strict-concurrency 0.2.2
Strict concurrency abstractions