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adaptive-containers 0.2.1
Self optimizing container types
SYB instances for the GHC API
mohws 0.2
Modular Haskell Web Server
http-monad 0.0.1
Monad abstraction for HTTP communication allowing lazy transfer and non-I/O simulation
wraxml 0.4
Lazy wrapper to HaXML, HXT, TagSoup via custom XML tree structure
tagchup 0.3.1
alternative package for processing of tag soups
xml-basic 0.1
Basics for XML/HTML representation and processing
uulib 0.9.8
Haskell Utrecht Tools Library
monoids 0.1.32
Monoids, specialized containers and a general map/reduce framework
network-bytestring 0.1.2
Fast, memory-efficient, low-level networking
ranges 0.2.1
Ranges and various functions on them.
Arrow classes and transformers
network 2.2.1
Networking-related facilities
core 0.4
External core parser and pretty printer.