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bamboo 2009.4.50
A simple blog engine on Hack
hack-handler-hyena 2009.4.50
Hyena Kibro handler
hack-contrib 2009.4.50
Hack contrib
alsa-seq-tests 0.1
Tests for the ALSA sequencer library.
alsa 0.2
Binding to the ALSA Library API.
mps 2009.4.50
message passing style helpers
hsgsom 0.1.0
An implementation of the GSOM clustering algorithm.
A FFI binding to libsvm.
OGL 0.0.2
A context aware binding for the OpenGL graphics system
applicative-numbers 0.0.8
Applicative-based numeric instances
Operads 0.3
Groebner basis computation for Operads.
tokyocabinet-haskell 0.0.4
Haskell binding of Tokyo Cabinet
MazesOfMonad 1.0
Console-based Role Playing Game
AppleScript 0.1.4
Call AppleScript from Haskell.
bindings 0.1
Low level bindings for foreign libraries

following community driven guidelines

atom 0.0.2
A DSL for embedded hard realtime applications.