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graphics-drawingcombinators 0.42
A functional interface to 2D drawing in OpenGL
repr 0.2
Render numeric expressions to their textual representation.
Difference strings.
to-string-instances 0.2
Instances for the ToString class.
to-string-class 0.1.2
Converting string-like types to Strings.
HaskellForMaths 0.1.8
Combinatorics, group theory, commutative algebra, non-commutative algebra
AspectAG 0.1.2
Attribute Grammars in the form of an EDSL
XML property list parser
helper tool for building wxHaskell
joinlist 0.1.0
Join list - symmetric list type
data-binary-ieee754 0.4
Parser/Serialiser for IEEE-754 floating-point values
hsgtd 0.1
Console-based gettings-things-done application
A framework for creating shell envinronments
ContArrow 0.0.5
haskelldb-hdbc-mysql 0.1
HaskellDB support for the HDBC MySQL driver.
json2yaml 0.2.1
Utility to convert a file from JSON to YAML format.
darcs 2.3.1
a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system
histogram-fill 0.1.0
Library for histograms creation.