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bindings-gsl 0.0.2
Low level bindings to GNU GSL.
IDynamic 0.1
Indexable, serializable form of Data.Dynamic
hashed-storage 0.3.9
Hashed file storage support code.
mmap 0.5.2
Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows
iproute 0.1
IP Routing Table
ghc-events 0.2
Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from GHC
HSFFIG 1.1.2
Generate FFI import declarations from C include files
NewBinary 0.2.1
A binary I/O library
Networking-related facilities
WL500gPControl 0.3.1
A simple command line tools to control the

Asus WL500gP router

WL500gPLib 0.3.1
A simple library to access to the WL 500gP router

from the Haskell code

KiCS 0.9.0
A compiler from Curry to Haskell
brians-brain 0.0.1
A Haskell implementation of the Brian's Brain cellular automaton
SDL 0.5.6
Binding to libSDL
curry-frontend 0.2.7
Compile the functional logic language Curry to several intermediate formats
hjpath 0.1
XPath-like syntax for querying JSON
uuagc 0.9.12
Attribute Grammar System of Universiteit Utrecht