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YACPong 0.1
Yet Another Pong Clone using SDL.
snap-server 0.2.6
A fast, iteratee-based, epoll-enabled web server for the Snap Framework
snap-core 0.2.6
Snap: A Haskell Web Framework (Core)
frame-markdown 0.1
A markdown to Frame GUI writer for Pandoc
frame 0.1
A simple web framework.
Persistent containers HashMap and HashSet.
hjpath 3.0
XPath-like syntax for querying JSON
berp 0.0.1
An implementation of Python 3.
language-python 0.3.0
Parsing and pretty printing of Python code.
yaml-rpc 0.2
Simple library for network (TCP/IP) YAML RPC
msgpack-rpc 0.1
A MessagePack-RPC Implementation
msgpack 0.2.2
A Haskell binding to MessagePack
serialport 0.3.3
Cross platform serial port library.
MonadCatchIO-transformers-foreign 0.1
Polymorphic combinators for working with foreign functions
MonadCatchIO-mtl-foreign 0.1
Polymorphic combinators for working with foreign functions