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on-a-horse 0.2
"Haskell on a Horse" - A combinatorial web framework
bitstring 0.0.0
Lazy bit strings
bird 0.0.12
A simple, sinatra-inspired web framework.
aligned-foreignptr 0.1
An aligned ForeignPtr type
parsec2 1.0.0
Monadic parser combinators
Rebuild Haskell dependencies in Gentoo
redis 0.7.2
A driver for Redis key-value database
data-category 0.2.0
Restricted categories
species 0.3.2
Computational combinatorial species
sstable 1.0
SSTables in Haskell
Takusen 0.8.6
Database library with left-fold interface, for PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, ODBC.
bluetile 0.5.2
full-featured tiling for the GNOME desktop environment
vect-opengl 0.4.6
OpenGL support for the `vect' low-dimensional linear algebra library.
vect 0.4.6
A low-dimensional linear algebra library, tailored to computer graphics.
type-level-numbers 0.1
Type level numbers implemented using type families.
hp2pretty 0.2
generate pretty graphs from heap profiles
zmidi-core 0.1.0
Read and write MIDI files.
A library to support dataflow analysis and optimization
type-level-natural-number 1.0
Simple, Haskell 2010-compatible type level natural numbers