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logfloat 0.12
Log-domain floating point numbers
TreeStructures 0.0.1
Tree structures
Control-Engine 0.0.4
A parallel producer/consumer engine (thread pool)
network-data 0.0.2
Library for network data structures (ex: ip/udp/tcp headers and helper functions)
MissingH 1.1.0
Large utility library
applicative-extras 0.1.4
Instances for Applicative
Concrete monad transformers
happs-tutorial 0.8.1
A Happstack Tutorial that is its own web 2.0-type demo.
happstack-helpers 0.22
Convenience functions for Happstack.
highlighting-kate 0.2.4
Syntax highlighting
lscabal 0.1
List exported modules from a set of .cabal files
cabalgraph 0.1
Generate pretty graphs of module trees from cabal files
queuelike 1.0.1
A library of queuelike data structures, both functional and stateful.
liboleg 0.1.1
A collection of Oleg Kiselyov's Haskell modules (2009-2008)
plugins 1.4.1
Dynamic linking for Haskell and C objects
applicative-numbers 0.0.3
Applicative-based numeric instances
dzen-utils 0.1
Utilities for creating inputs for dzen.
stm-io-hooks 0.2.0
An STM monad with IO hooks
pure-fft 0.2.0
Fast Fourier Transform