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CheatSheet 1.7
A Haskell cheat sheet in PDF and literate formats.
safe-lazy-io 0.1
A library providing safe lazy IO features.
strict-io 0.1
A library wrapping standard IO modules to provide strict IO.
monadiccp 0.4.1
Package for Constraint Programming
modsplit 0.1.1
Haskell source splitter driven by special comments.
Searching game trees with alpha-beta pruning
DocTest 0.0.3
Test interactive Haskell examples
queuelike 1.0.4
A library of queuelike data structures, both functional and stateful.
NonEmpty 0.1
Library providing a non-empty list datatype, and total functions operating on it
url 2
A library for working with URLs.
cml 0.1.1
Events and Channels as in Concurrent ML
Hieroglyph 1.21
Purely functional 2D drawing
parallel-tree-search 0.2.1
Parallel Tree Search