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haskell-tyrant 0.2
Haskell implementation of the Tokyo Tyrant binary protocol
salvia-extras 0.1.1
Collection of non-fundamental request handler for the Salvia web server.
salvia 0.1.1
Lightweight Haskell Web Server Framework
wavesurfer 0.0.6
Parse WaveSurfer files
heap 0.6.0
Heaps in Haskell
GHood 0.0.3
A graphical viewer for Hood
hranker 0.1.1
Basic utility for ranking a list of items
DocTest 0.0.5
Test interactive Haskell examples
Various functions on tuples
regex-tdfa-utf8 1.0
This combines regex-tdfa with utf8-string to allow searching over UTF8 encoded lazy bytestrings.
random-shuffle 0.0.2
Random shuffle implementation.
regex-tdfa 1.1.1
Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
Monad classes, using type families
Monad classes, using functional dependencies