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vacuum 0.0.4
Extract graph representations of ghc heap values.
HackMail 0.0.1
A Procmail Replacement as Haskell EDSL
byteorder 1.0.1
native byte-ordering of the system
A library for C-like programming
hgettext 0.1.2
Bindings to libintl.h (gettext, bindtextdomain)
monoids 0.1.5
Lots of Monoids
join 0.4
Parallel Join Patterns with Guards and Propagation
Web based flash card for Word Smart I and II vocabularies
flow2dot 0.6.1
Library and binary to generate sequence/flow diagrams from plain text source
Parses XML files used by the XCB project
hslogger-template 0.2.1
Automatic generation of hslogger functions
CheatSheet 1.8
A Haskell cheat sheet in PDF and literate formats.
multisetrewrite 0.5
Multi-set rewrite rules with guards and a parallel execution scheme
fallingblocks 0.1.3
A fun falling blocks game.
addLicenseInfo 0.0
Adds license info to the top of a file.
Implementations of the SHA suite of message digest functions