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atom 0.0.3
A DSL for embedded hard realtime applications.
http-wget 0.0.0
Provide a simple HTTP client interface by wrapping the wget

command line tool.

hmpfr 0.2
Haskell binding to MPFR library
Networking-related facilities
regex-tdfa 1.1.2
Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
Hipmunk 0.2.2
A Haskell binding for Chipmunk.
clientsession 0.0.0
Store session data in a cookie.
monad-ran 0.0.9
Fast implementations of monads and monad transformers using right Kan extensions
buster 1.2
Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP
hopenssl 1.2
FFI bindings to OpenSSL's EVP digest interface
Generate or process x-www-urlencoded data
Implements Windows Live Web Authentication and

Delegated Authentication

cabal2arch 0.5.2
Create Arch Linux packages from Cabal packages
vector-space 0.5.7
Vector & affine spaces, linear maps, and derivatives (requires ghc 6.9 or better)
hinze-streams 1.0
Streams and Unique Fixed Points
Operads 0.7
Groebner basis computation for Operads.
logic-TPTP 0.2.0
Import, export etc. for TPTP, a syntax for first-order logic
executable-path 0.0
Finding out the full path of the executable.
A binding for the OpenGL Utility Toolkit
elerea 0.5.0
A minimalistic FRP library