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MazesOfMonad 1.0.3
Console-based Role Playing Game
numbers 2009.5.20.1
Various number types
hack-handler-fastcgi 0.0.1
Hack handler direct to fastcgi
hack-handler-cgi 0.0.0
Hack handler using network.cgi
LslPlus 0.4.0
An execution and testing framework for the Linden Scripting Language (LSL)
timberc 1.0.3
The Timber Compiler.
atom 0.0.4
A DSL for embedded hard realtime applications.
Hieroglyph 2.22
Purely functional 2D drawing
bsd-sysctl 1.0.1
Access to the BSD sysctl(3) interface
hexpat 0.7
wrapper for expat, the fast XML parser
SYB instances for the GHC API
bamboo 2009.5.19
A simple blog middleware on hack
hack-contrib 2009.5.19
Hack contrib
hack-handler-kibro 2009.5.19
Hack Kibro handler
hack-handler-happstack 2009.5.19
Hack Happstack server handler
hack 2009.5.19
a sexy Haskell Webserver Interface
carray 0.1.4
A C-compatible array library.
Write Mathematica packages in Haskell