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happstack-helpers 0.22.1
Convenience functions for Happstack.
bamboo-theme-blueprint 2009.6.25
bamboo blueprint theme
bamboo 2009.6.25
A simple blog middleware on hack
hack-contrib 2009.6.25
Hack contrib
nemesis 2009.6.25
a rake like task management tool
hcheat 2009.6.25
A collection of code cheatsheet
mps 2009.6.25
message passing style helpers
hack-frontend-happstack 2009.6.24.1
hack-handler-happstack 2009.6.24
Hack Happstack server handler
a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system
sendfile 0.1
A portable sendfile library
haskell-src-meta 0.0.4
Parse source to template-haskell abstract syntax.
Omega 0.1.1
Operations on Presburger arithmetic formulae
zeroth 2009.6.23.3
ZeroTH - remove unnecessary TH dependencies
xformat 0.1
Extensible, type-safe formatting with scanf- and printf-like functions
hskeleton 0.1.1
Skeleton for new Haskell programs
buster 2.51
Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP