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hack-frontend-monadcgi 0.0.1
Allows programs written against MonadCGI to run with any hack handler.
hlint 1.6.4
Source code suggestions
ZipFold 0.1.4
Zipping folds
fmlist 0.7
FoldMap lists
Efficient pure ternary tree Sets and Maps
happs-tutorial 0.9.0
A Happstack Tutorial that is its own web 2.0-type demo.
shelltestrunner 0.3
A tool for testing command-line programs.
happstack-helpers 0.30
Convenience functions for Happstack.
sendfile 0.3.1
A portable sendfile library
data-ordlist 0.0.1
Set and bag operations on ordered lists
a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system
hashed-storage 0.3.5
Hashed file storage support code.
A CSP-M parser compatible with FDR-2.83
hscamwire 0.2.1
Haskell bindings to IIDC1394 cameras, via Camwire
httpd-shed 0.4
A simple web-server with an interact style API