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urldisp-happstack 0.1
Simple, declarative, expressive URL routing -- on happstack.
hack-contrib-press 0.1.0
Hack helper that renders Press templates
press 0.1.0
Text templating language
jmacro 0.1
QuasiQuotation library for programmatic generation of Javascript code.
derive-gadt 0.1.1
Instance deriving for (a subset of) GADTs.
hTensor 0.1.0
Multidimensional arrays and simple tensor computations.
network-multicast 0.0.5
Simple multicast library
graphviz 2999.1.0.2
GraphViz bindings for Haskell.
formlets 0.5
Formlets implemented in Haskell
species 0.1
Combinatorial species library
np-extras 0.1
NumericPrelude extras
DefendTheKing 0.1
A graphical demo. Will be a game
maid 2009.7.25
A simple static web server
peakachu 0.1
An FRP library with a GLUT backend
stb-truetype 0.1.1
A wrapper around Sean Barrett's TrueType rasterizer library.
Haskell programming interface to Yices SMT solver
generator 0.5.2
Python-generators notation for creation of monadic lists
List 0.1
List monad transformer and class