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GL plotting of polynomial function enclosures (PFEs)
hommage-ds 0.0.5
DirectSound extension (Windows) for the Hommage sound library
pop3-client 0.1.2
POP3 Client Library
Monoids, specialized containers and a general map/reduce framework
HStringTemplate 0.6.1
StringTemplate implementation in Haskell.
jmacro 0.1.2
QuasiQuotation library for programmatic generation of Javascript code.
atom 0.1.0
A DSL for embedded hard realtime applications.
Simple Presentation Utility
cautious-file 0.1.5
Ways to write a file cautiously, to reduce the chances of problems such as data loss due to crashes or power failures
Library to connect to an NNTP Server
network-fancy 0.1.2
Networking support with a cleaner API
species 0.2.1
Computational combinatorial species
hack-frontend-monadcgi 0.0.3
Allows programs written against MonadCGI to run with any hack handler.