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bindings-common 0.2.2
Low-level library bindings, base package.
An implementation of generalized tries with sophisticated map type inference.
archlinux 0.2
Support for working with Arch Linux packages
haddock 2.5.0
A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries
reflection 0.2.0
Functional Pearl: Implicit Configurations
hp2any-manager 0.4.2
A utility to visialise and compare heap profiles.
hp2any-graph 0.5.1
Real-time heap graphing utility and profile stream server with a reusable graphing module.
hp2any-core 0.10.0
Heap profiling helper library
elerea-examples 1.0.1
Example applications for Elerea
boxes 0.1
2D text pretty-printing library
Operads 1.0
Groebner basis computation for Operads.
Monad-transformer version of the Control.Exception module
Time a computation
list-grouping 0.1
Functions for grouping a list into sublists
cabal2arch 0.6
Create Arch Linux packages from Cabal packages
encoding 0.6.0
A library for various character encodings
GLFW 0.4.1
A Haskell binding for GLFW
AC-VanillaArray 1.1.1
Immutable arrays with plain integer indicies.
AC-HalfInteger 1.2.1
Efficient half-integer type.