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ghc-core 0.5
Display GHC's core and assembly output in a pager
colorize-haskell 1.0.0
Highligt Haskell source
HDRUtils 1.0.2
Utilities for reading, manipulating, and writing HDR images
agum 1.0
Unification and Matching in an Abelian Group
file-embed 0.0.2
Use Template Haskell to embed file contents directly.
moe 2009.8.28
html with style
hoauth 0.1.1
A Haskell implementation of OAuth 1.0 protocol.
hircules 0.3.92
IRC client
union-find 0.1
Efficient union and equivalence testing of sets.
Jailed IO monad.
A small library for parsing IRC messages.
An implementation of generalized tries with sophisticated map type inference.
fclabels 0.2.0
First class record labels
Haskell IDE library