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liboleg 2009.9.1
A collection of Oleg Kiselyov's Haskell modules (2009-2008)
flower 0.1.2
Analyze 454 flowgrams (.SFF files)
statistics 0.1
A library of statistical types, data, and functions.
dbmigrations 0.1
An implementation of relational database "migrations"
semiring 0.1
Semirings, ring-like structures used for dynamic programming applications
usb-id-database 0.2
A database of USB identifiers
An implementation of generalized tries with sophisticated map type inference.
hlint 1.6.8
Source code suggestions
palindromes 0.1.1
Finding palindromes in strings
uu-parsinglib 2.2.1
New version of the Utrecht University parser combinator library
PortMidi 0.1.1
A binding for PortMedia/PortMidi
JsContracts 0.5
Design-by-contract for JavaScript
WebBits-Html 1.0
JavaScript analysis tools
chp 1.3.0
An implementation of concurrency ideas from Communicating Sequential Processes
cpphs 1.9
A liberalised re-implementation of cpp, the C pre-processor.
vhdl 0.1.1
VHDL AST and pretty printer
idiii 0.0
ID3v2 tag editing-suite
minimung 0.0
Shows how to run grabber on Mac OS X
event-list 0.0.10
Event lists with relative or absolute time stamps