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Use graph-theory to analyse your code
dedukti 1.0.1
A type-checker for the ��-modulo calculus.
thrist 0.1.1
Type-threaded list
TrieMap 0.5.0
Automatic type inference of generalized tries.
ls-usb 0.1
List USB devices
hmk 0.9.2
A make alternative based on Plan9's mk.
Workflow 0.5.6
library for transparent execution of interruptible computations
TCache 0.6.5
A Transactional data cache with configurable persistence
Communicate with USB devices
yaml 0.0.4
Support for serialising Haskell to and from Yaml.
data-object 0.0.2
Represent hierachichal structures, called objects in JSON.
web-encodings 0.0.1
Encapsulate multiple web encoding in a single package.
RefSerialize 0.2.5
Write to and read from Strings maintaining internal memory references
hack-middleware-jsonp 0.0.2
Automatic wrapping of JSON responses to convert into JSONP.
usb-id-database 0.4
A database of USB identifiers
hack-handler-cgi 0.0.3
Hack handler using network.cgi
bindings-libusb 1.2
Low level bindings to libusb.
bindings-posix 1.1
Low level bindings to posix.
bindings-common 1.2
Preprocessor combinator library for low level FFI.