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mecha 0.0.2
Mecha is a solid modeling language geared for machine design.
HDBC 2.2.0
Haskell Database Connectivity
monadloc 0.2
A class for monads which can keep a stack trace
CheatSheet 2.0
A Haskell cheat sheet in PDF and literate formats.
Data encoding library
control-monad-exception 0.5
Explicitly typed, checked exceptions with stack traces
safe-failure 0.1
Library for safe functions
control-monad-failure 0.1
A class for monads which can fail with an error.
multiset 0.2
The Data.MultiSet container type
tkhs 0.2.1
Simple Presentation Utility
bamboo-launcher 2009.11.1
bamboo 2009.11.1
A simple blog engine on Hack
hack-contrib 2009.11.1
Hack contrib
graphtype 0.1.2
A simple tool to illustrate dependencies between Haskell types
flow2dot 0.7
Library and binary to generate sequence/flow diagrams from plain text source
uhexdump 0.2.2
hex dumper for UTF-8 text
breakout 0.0.2
A simple Breakout game implementation.
dbus-client 0.1
D-Bus client libraries