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pure-priority-queue 0.13
A pure priority queue.
Combinators for building and processing 2D images.
Parallel programming library
chp 1.7.1
An implementation of concurrency ideas from Communicating Sequential Processes
simgi 0.2
stochastic simulation engine
control-monad-failure-mtl 0.5.0
A class for monads which can fail with an error.
control-monad-failure 0.5.0
A class for monads which can fail with an error.
openssl-createkey 0.1
Create OpenSSL keypairs.
elerea 1.2.0
A minimalistic FRP library
Omega 0.2.1
Operations on Presburger arithmetic formulae
sorty 0.1.1
Sort lines per file size
monadLib 3.6
A collection of monad transformers.
statethread 0.1
The ST monad and STRefs
hpage 0.4.8
A scrapbook for Haskell developers
eprocess 1.1.1
  • Very* basic Erlang-like process support for Haskell
dependently typed core language
hint-server 1.1.0
A server process that runs hint.