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SFont 0.1
SFont SDL Bitmap Fonts
Sprig 0.1
Binding to Sprig
palindromes 0.2
Finding palindromes in strings
Static code analysis using graph-theoretic techniques.
hack-handler-epoll 0.1.2
hack handler implementation using epoll
haskell-src-exts 1.6.0
Manipulating Haskell source: abstract syntax, lexer, parser, and pretty-printer
hakyll 0.4.1
A simple static site generator library.
GPipe 1.1.4
A functional graphics API for programmable GPUs
capped-list 1.2
A list-like type for lazy sequences, with a user-defined termination value.
empty 9
Ceci n'est pas une package
GPX 0.4.5
Parse GPX files
GLFW-b-demo 0.0.2
GLFW-b test\/example\/demo
GLFW-b 0.0.2
GLFW bindings
boomslang 0.0.1
Boomshine clone
Random number generation
font-opengl-basic4x6 0.0.1
Basic4x6 font for OpenGL