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natural-sort 0.1.1
User-friendly text collation
a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system
XML property list parser
language-dot 0.0.4
A library for the analysis and creation of Graphviz DOT files
font-opengl-basic4x6 0.0.2
Basic4x6 font for OpenGL
GLFW-b-demo 0.0.3
GLFW-b test\/example\/demo
Linear algebra and numerical computation
Cardinality 0.2
Measure container capacity. Use it to safely change container.
show 0.3.4
'Show' instances for Lambdabot
ldif 0.0.4
The LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) parser
hakyll 1.1
A simple static site generator library.
GLFW 0.4.2
A Haskell binding for GLFW
hs-twitterarchiver 0.1
Commandline Twitter feed archiver
hpage 0.5.5
A scrapbook for Haskell developers
HSHHelpers 0.24
Convenience functions that use HSH, instances for HSH.
happstack-helpers 0.50
Convenience functions for Happstack.
data-aviary 0.2.2
Combinator birds.
afv 0.0.3
Infinite state model checking of iterative C programs.
mongoDB 0.1
A driver for MongoDB