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afv 0.1.0
Infinite state model checking of iterative C programs.
mongoDB 0.2
A driver for MongoDB
HJScript 0.4.7
HJScript is a Haskell EDSL for writing JavaScript programs.
HJavaScript 0.4.5
HJavaScript is an abstract syntax for a typed subset of JavaScript.
cabal2arch 0.7
Create Arch Linux packages from Cabal packages
archlinux 0.2.4
Support for working with Arch Linux packages
AWin32Console 1.1
A binding to a part of the ANSI escape code for the console
hack-contrib 2010.1.24
Hack contrib
mps 2010.1.24.1
simply oo
translate 2010.1.24
Haskell binding to Google's AJAX Language API for Translation and Detection
web-encodings 0.2.1
Encapsulate multiple web encoding in a single package.
test-framework-quickcheck2 0.2.5
QuickCheck2 support for the test-framework package.
HsOpenSSL 0.7
(Incomplete) OpenSSL binding for Haskell
uniplate 1.5.1
Help writing simple, concise and fast generic operations.
hircules 0.3.93
IRC client
GlomeTrace 0.1.2
Ray Tracing Library
hsql-postgresql 1.8.1
A Haskell Interface to PostgreSQL via the PQ library.
hsql 1.8.1
Simple library for database access from Haskell.
hebrew-time 0.0.1
Hebrew dates and prayer times.