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archlinux 0.3
Support for working with Arch Linux packages
Omega 0.2.2
Operations on Presburger arithmetic formulae
cpphs 1.10
A liberalised re-implementation of cpp, the C pre-processor.
hakyll 1.3
A simple static site generator library.
A Haskell Interface to ODBC.
hsql-sqlite3 1.8.1
SQLite3 driver for HSQL.
Bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit.
QIO 1.0
The Quantum IO Monad is a library for defining quantum computations in Haskell
zeromq-haskell 0.1.2
bindings to zeromq
bindings-DSL 1.0.5
FFI domain specific language, on top of hsc2hs.
altfloat 0.2.2
Alternative floating point support for GHC.
language-asn1 0.0.1
Parsing of ASN1 definitions
gt-tools 0.1.1
Console and GUI interface for Google Translate service
Crypto 4.2.1
Collects together existing Haskell cryptographic functions into a package
adaptive-tuple 0.1.0
Self-optimizing tuple types
ghc-core 0.5.1
Display GHC's core and assembly output in a pager
CheatSheet 2.2
A Haskell cheat sheet in PDF and literate formats.
threadscope 0.1
A graphical thread profiler.
hTensor 0.5.0
Multidimensional arrays and simple tensor computations.