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shoap 0.1
A very basic SOAP package
Large utility library
hledger 0.8
A command-line (or curses or web-based) double-entry accounting tool.
hs-gchart 0.3
Haskell wrapper for the Google Chart API
The Haskore Computer Music System
Vec 0.9.7
Fixed-length lists and low-dimensional linear algebra.
uuagc 0.9.14
Attribute Grammar System of Universiteit Utrecht
dow 0.1.0
Dungeons of Wor
mbox 0.1
Read and write standard mailbox files.
GtkTV 0.1.1
Gtk-based GUIs for Tangible Values
cubicspline 0.1
Natural cubic spline interpolation.
haskell-src-exts 1.8.2
Manipulating Haskell source: abstract syntax, lexer, parser, and pretty-printer
An experimental alternative hierarchy of numeric type classes
jmacro 0.2
QuasiQuotation library for programmatic generation of Javascript code.
Implementations of the SHA suite of message digest functions
simgi 0.3
stochastic simulation engine
formlets 0.7.1
Formlets implemented in Haskell